okuapeman school



The administration of the Okuapemman school is made of a very friendly and helpful group of highly trained professional who enforce  the discipline, good-conduct and respect  that this 40 year old institution  is well know for. This department of the School is run by three principles the general head, Academic head and an Assistant head. At present the general headmaster is Mr. Yaw Ashanti.   Present heads

Prefectorial Body Annually: the executive adiminstration and the students of the school nominate and elect a group of student who would assist in the running the school.  Present prefectorial body  

THE S.R.C. The Students' Representative Council (S.R.C.) is the another administrative body for and by   the students. It is an independent body but works in co-operation with the prefects' body. The Council is made up of elected representatives from every House and Form who meet regularly to deliberate on matters affecting students in the school. The S.R.C. together with the Prefects Council form a liaison between the School Administration and the student body. Present BodyBack To Home